5 of the best golfers in the world

Golf has become a game that is known throughout the world and also in Indonesia. Games that require high concentration, perfect poses, extensive knowledge and also high skills make this game not easy to learn and play. But not a few are also very familiar with this game, especially professional golfers. Some of them even won a lot of championships and were far better than their competitors. For that we will discuss the 5 best golfers in the world of all time. Here is the order.

Tiger Woods
Although not yet equal to Jack Nicklaus in winning the majors trophy, Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time according to several sources. Tiger woods has won 14 majors trophies. Although many people say that Woods will not beat Nicklaus before winning more majors. But winning numbers aren’t everything.

Wood has won more PGA tours than Nicklaus, won more money, has more scoring titles and got more of the best players. Tiger woods best season is also better than Jack Nicklaus’s best season.

Jack Nicklaus
Maybe Jack Nicklaus was not as dominating as Tiger Woods of his time. But what makes it legendary is its consistency as long as it competes. Nicklaus has won 18 majors and won second place in 19 majors.

Ben Hogan
Although he struggled in the early days and his career was interrupted by a severe accident, Ben Hogan was able to win 9 majors in 62 wins on PGA tours. If there wasn’t a severe car accident that would interfere with his career, maybe Hogan would be number one.

Bobby Jones
When Bobby Jones played golf, there were 4 majors and Bobby Jones won 4 trophies 13 times and won all four at once in 1930 and retired at the age of 28. Many consider that Bobby Jones is the best of all time. But in this list he occupies position 4 because in his time the competition was not too tight as now.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer has won 62 PGA tours and 7 of them are majors. The legendary Pennsylvania-born player is considered one of the best putters of all time. The unique way of playing entertains people who like golf